Graham Brothers treadle lathe

I have just come by a treadle lathe for free. Unfortunately the treadle
and flywheel are both gone. I suspect it has been converted to
electrical drive many years ago.
A few details have caught my attention. All centres are 90 degrees
instead of 60 as we are used too nowadays. The faceplate slots do not
have rounded corners but sharp ones. This lathe was obviously
manufactured before the discovery of stress concentrations. The
V-pulleys do not have a flat bottom but a sharp one. I suspect they were
driven by round leather belts.
Now to my question. The sign says ?Graham Brothers London Stockholm?.
Has anyone information on this manufacturer and especially their lathes?
The five Graham Brothers were industrialists from Perth in Scotland and
had a rather extensive business in Sweden beginning at around 1850. The
beginning of their endeavour in Sweden seems to have begun by the import
of mobile sawmills for their logging business on Gotland, a big Swedish
island. They are however most famous for installing the first elevator
in Sweden.
Ulf Bengtsson
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