Ceramic Chip forge update

Some of you may recall the discussions regarding the output of Flamefast
DS130 ceramic chip forges following the acquisition of one by Tim Leech.
I reported that the output of mine was a bit wimpey, and after discussions
with Tim I bought a new 'zero pressure governor' and a new perforated burner
tile. Well these bits arrived today and oh what a difference. Now the
entire chip pile gets white hot and raising mild steel to hammer welding
temperature is no problem at all. It has totally transformed the forge into
a different animal. (Mind you this was an expensive exercise with the tile
being 160 and the governor 68, all plus VAT)
Perhaps now I'll do a bit of smithing, which was why I bought it 10 years
ago !!!!
Andrew Mawson
Bromley, Kent, UK
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Andrew Mawson
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