Harrison M300 metric thread for leadscrew

Hi everyone, I just signed up and I have a fresh question for you boffs...
I just got my harrison m300 metric today and the ammount of play in the
crossslide is almost 2 inches on the dial! I tried to take up the
adjustment but i think its far too gone.
I have uploaded some high resolution images for you to see.
the leascrew, look at how thin the threads are half way down.
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and the nuts, note how sharp the threads are, theres not much meat left on
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my main question is,
How do i found out what thread this is so i can buy some threaded bar and
make one myself.
(2) which tap will i need?
thanks guys. Regards, tom.
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You could try Kingston Engineering they supply leadscrew stock in various sizes and also matching nuts. You have to machine the ends of the leadscrews and nuts to suit though. I hope this helps.
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