How does one dissasemble a Burnerd four jaw chuck?

Having taken the four jaw of the ML7 tonight and put the three jaw on to do some rough work, I thought that the four jaw could do with a bit more of a clean up than it normally gets.

I'm sure that there is a simple method for removing the jaw screws from the chuck body so that one can get the decades of crud out from behind them. Is it as simple as driving out the retaining pins by using a pin punch enthusiastically on the forked ends or is it much more difficult?

Expiring minds need to know.

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand
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. Is it

Yes - that's how mine came apart. Some models have a rear cover that needs to be removed first. As long as you can see the back of the bosses of the stirups, then knock them out from the front.


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Mine had grub screws in the back which retained the forked retaining pins. Needed to remove these before applying the hammer.


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