Mill travel - skimming long cylinder heads

My little Bridgeport clone has about 30" of travel on the bed so I can skim any 4 cylinder head or block easily as those are about 18" long. With a flycutter set at 10" diameter you need half of that to start the cut plus another couple of inches to cover the far corners of the head plus the head length so I can just about cope with something 22" long. However when it comes to 6 cylinder engines and especially the Jag one which is 28" long I'm stumped.

What would be a good mill to go for with 36" or 40" of travel to cope with those longer jobs?

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Dave Baker
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Beaver made some with long tables giving 36" travel. Or you could get a 48" table on a Bridgeport which gives 36" travel


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Charles Ping

This would have been a nice one.

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of work on the power feeds but knock seven shades of s~#t out of a Bridgy. That one had the horizontal arbor and DRO, price was about right. Peter Forbes got an even nicer one with power knee a while ago for five hundred sov's

One you stop looking at 'Bridgeport ' [ spit, spit ] you get some good deals. Another one to look for is a TOS,

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