Peristaltic Pumps

I am trying to build a small unit for pumping 2 part resins and was
looking for a cheap, yes cheap pair of peristaltic pumps capable of
pumping about a litre a minute each. Does anyone have any idea where I
might be able to get some, or make do and mend and come up with
something else?
Alternatively a couple of gear pumps with a volume of about 1cc per
rev woyuld be good, but they again seem to be ludicrously expensive
Any ideas chaps ?
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cheap compaired to a lot there
all the best...mark
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Oil pump from a car?
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How about mechanical car petrol pumps, as these are positive displacement pumps you would just need to knock up an appropriate motor/cam mechanism, suppose viscosity might be a problem but worth a dabble with one from a scrapyard ? Mark G
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Mark G
I've got a Miele dishwasher I'm throwing out - you are welcome to have the pumps from it for nothing...
I'm in Sussex
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