SC520, Piston Rings, & Bucket Pumps

One of my bucket pumps failed yesterday. Its the one I use my the SC520
cutting additive I used with water for most things. Today I decided to
open it up and see if I could do anything about it. It has was appears
to be a brass or copper piston rig that seemed to float back and forth
between two ridges on the piston. It had popped off the top side of the
piston and the ridges that kept it on were pretty worn. I turned a
quick groove on the piston and popped in a big fat o-ring. A tight fit
at the neck turned out to be a perfect fit down in the range were it
does most of its moving. The pump is working again. Now the question
is how long will that plane old cheap buna rubber o-ring last down
there? Would a buna-N or a viton ring hold up better?
I guess I could have made a new piston, and reused the brass/copper
ring, but I had a machine running short of coolant and I didn't have any
premixed to pour into the tank. The rubber o-ring got it going quick.
The coolant was only just starting to foam a little. It foams up some
when the pump starts sucking a little air.
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