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John wrote in another thread..
Scrap may have done but new material went up and hasn't moved.
>Just bought 3 brass disks 7" diameter by 1" thick £87 EACH.
>John S.
My local scrappy is having a hard time, very little material is coming
in. However that is good for me!
The other day I came away with 6 feet of 60 x 25mm alu bar plus some
odd plate plus 28kg of brass square and rectangular bar for £30.
Today a brass bar end 65od x 90 plus 3 pieces of Al toolplate (30 x
140 x 400) plus 4m of mixed Al bar 10 - 30 dia
All for £15
I did see some 7" diameter by 1" thick brass disks at £5 each but I
have already turned my flywheel so let them go
Actally went looking for some Al to turn up a carburettor float bowl
but saw nothing close to size. Did buy (in the £15 lot) some 42 and
53mm copper tube so will turn some ends and fabricate out of that.
(The old float bowl (ex generator) is rusted through.)
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Richard Edwards
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iron has gone back up from £10/ton in November to £45. Still a long way short of last summer's prices, but let's hope we're away from the days of scrappies charging more for "environmental disposal charges" than they'll pay for a car. "Thanks for the car, sir, that'll be £15" (Sims, Derby, a few weeks ago).
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Kevin Poole
In article , Kevin Poole writes
Useful site. I notice non-ferrous metal prices have declined (or remained static) though.
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David Littlewood

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