Sets of parallels

Please can anyone point me towards a set of slim parallels like these
formatting link
but 200mm or more long.
I don't need super accuracy but the 6"/150mm ones that I can find all
over the place, are too short to pass through the jaws of my milling vice.
1/8" -1/4" thick would be fine. I have 1/2" and above in longer lengths
but need something to set up those fiddly little jobs.
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Bob Minchin
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If you can't find any, you could always do what I did many years ago, before I bought a set of parallels - cut some lengths of gauge plate of the desired cross section.
Some gauge plate is ground on all 4 sides, some only on the wide faces; obviously the former is the type to go for. It's expensive if you buy retail, but it can often be found going cheap; even J&L have it on special offer quite often.
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David Littlewood
Thanks David. As it appears that sets are not available, I will possibly follow you suggested route.
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Bob Minchin
A tip I learned at college (after I retired) was to use a couple of lengths of silver steel rod (drill rod for those in the USA) if the appropriate parallels were not available.
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Alan Dawes
If you make one pair from alumin(i)um you can safely drill through the work anywhere.
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Jim Wilkins

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