Shaft Reclamation

I have a steel shaft which fits into an aluminium pulley. The two are keyed together. In the past someone has used it without a key and completely buggered up the inside of the aluminium pulley. I have a replacement for the inner steel piece, but need to use the original pulley as I don't have another.

I considered boring out the hole in the pulley larger and making a sleeve, but there isn't very much room and it would leave things a bit weak. I also considered building up the steel shaft, but was concerned that it might distort during welding and if it didn't work I'd be buggered (plus someone just nicked my welder).

Then I had a good idea (I think). I would key the two together, clamp them in position and then pour some white metal into the gap between them to take up the wear. And then this thought developed and I realised there ought to be some kind of modern epoxy that would do the same thing, and be easier to use.

Has anyone tried anything similar, or have experience of suitable materials for the job. As the gap is only about a millimetre or so a side it would need to be liquid to run into the gap, not a putty type epoxy.



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Kevin Steele
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Pop the bugger up in the morning and I'll sort it for you

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