Source of SRBP or Tufnol sheet?

Hi all,
I'm trying to get hold of a couple of pieces of SRBP or Tufnol (or similar)
sheet. One piece needs to be about 250mm square by 5mm thick (or 4mm will
do), and the other piece about 320mm x 500mm x 5mm (or 4mm).
I've tried a local industrial supplier but they only sell in 4' square
sheets and the price frightened the life out of me! RS Components do a 4mm
piece 285mm x 590mm for 16 quid but I'm stick for a source for the wider
320mm piece.
Can anyone suggest somewhere where I could get pieces of this sort of size
rather than have to buy a large (expensive) sheet, or even where I could get
some recovered or salvaged pieces?
Thanks in advance...Mark
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all the best...mark
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Aquarius Plastics in Guildford ( 01483 534 320 ) have cut pieces of plastic for me at reasonable cost. They may be able to supply you with what you want. where in the country are you ?
-- Jonathan
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Jonathan Barnes
They tend not to deal with the public, especially for small quantities. Try British Mica at Bedford who are a stockist and will cut pieces for you:
Tel: 01234 327977 Fax: 352016
They are in Barkers Lane, Bedford.
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Peter A Forbes
Theres a list here of laminated board people if this is what you want formica etc
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Thanks everyone for your replies, I'll give them a try.
All the best...Mark
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