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happy new year 2004 all,

Im thinking of building/making a small traction engine in kit form, my lathe/ mill skills are very basic, can anyone recommend any good starter kits, or any good companies that sell such items, also any links or info greatly appreciated.

kind regards from Keith in Swindon

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As you're in Sindon, you may like to pay a visit to the miniature railway in Coate Water park that is run by NWSME. We're largely concerned with running the miniature railway, although all members are suitable equipped and experienced to help and advise you. You'll find them (us!) there every Sunday afternoon from 1400PM onwards.

Alternatively, you may like to consider the WWSME although it is a bit of a haul over to Westbury for you. The WWSME are modellers of all sorts and sizes through and through, and run a lecture program throughout the winter.

The next meeting is *TONITE* in the Methodist schoolroom just off the dual mini-roundabout where the road to the railway station branches off the through route. Starts at 1930PM and tonight's lecture is all about Radio Control. There are a number of the Warminster Aero club in attendance to advise. (I won't be there because of the Dreaded Lurgi and also because I am being harassed by the We'll Shite Constabulary so am avoiding driving in the evenings.) Our next meeting on the 20th is a lecture about restoring church organs.

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Airy R. Bean

The plods are probably after you for your pathetic top posting and inane ramblings on Usenet.

HTH tox

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Wilesco produce thrir roller and traction engines in kit form, painted etc., just screw together. about £100

Mercer produce a complete kit for a traction engine in approx 16mm scale. No machining required, just painting and assembly, but you then have scope to turn your own custom parts, such as a solid flywheel, and modify it from meths fired to gas as you see fit.

It is actually quite a nice little engine, although mine seems to vibrate out of gear when running round the garden. Expensive though, about £350 for the basic kit.

Geof Winwood is the agent

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There is a link to an "Old Glory" Review of the kit.

I would suggest one of these as a starting point, before embarking on a scratch built engine such as Minnie, or a 1 1/2" Alchin type, my Minnie castings have been in the box for 18 months :-(

Martin L

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Martin L

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