Happy New Year, all- and a suggestion

Gonna be gone for a few- heading to Laughlin, Nevada (Vegas goes
trailer-park low budget) for the big night. I wanted to say Happy New Year
to all of you out there. The old year is ending on the most tragic note I
can recall. So many lives lost and nothing puny man can do in the face of so
much power. I'm going to donate to the Red Cross on Amazon's website- why
don't we all just send the price of a set of decals we really don't need
(but gotta have) to help with the relief efforts. There is so much pain and
suffering in the world today, and we haven't even begun to talk about Halle
Berry in Catwoman or Dennis's sense of humor. Unlike Dennis's posts, we can
all do something to alleviate the misery in SE Asia. Good luck for the new
year and may all of you actually finish a model you're satisfied with!
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Jim Atkins
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I agree with Jim that this is a great idea--this is an issue that transcends ethnic and religious boundaries. Not that anything we do is going to completely set right wrecked lives or livelihoods, but to the extent that people can be helped by a lot of small contributions directed through competent and reputable charities,there is a commitment there that does more than merely mend material want--it also tells the victims they are not alone. In my few dark moments, this same message has come to me from others, and it has always made a difference.
Mark Schynert
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Mark Schynert

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