Happy New Year...


Hope all of you have a good and safe evening if going out(I guess this applies to MRR's who are staying 'in' and working on models too!). I got my Red Caboose reefer finished(at last), and have been adding weights/metal wheels to my freight cars. I made a 'buy' at the local Hobby Lobby last night, so I am going to do some 1/87th 'landscaping' on the 1st! Well, it's time to pick up my lady friend and go out(just dinner and a movie) - Then some serious modeling on Thursday!

Jim Bernier

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Jim Bernier
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Thanks for the wishes, Jim. I'd like to add mine as well to all those on RMR.

Ian Mathers Yellowknife, NT

P.S. Saw sundogs all afternoon and there's a halo round the moon this evening.......she's gonna get cold! Good weather to stay indoors and finish all (well, some) of the projects started in 2003.

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Ian G. Mathers

You're day's better than mine. I have to help a friend repair his bathtub drain in the morning, eat my mother-in-law's homemade lasagna at 1:00 (high point of the day, possibly the week), then off to work at 5:00 PM. The Post Office never sleeps apparently.

Jay CNS&M North Shore Line - "First and fastest"

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Jim=A0Bernier wrote: All, Hope all of you have a good and safe evening.

------------------------------------------------- Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy new year!

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I declared 2004 "The Year of the Layout!"

(Think this will actually get something done on it?)

Paul - "The CB&Q Guy"

- Happy New Year, all! -

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Paul K - The CB&Q Guy

Dunno. I've been saying that the upcoming year will be the year I clean out the corner of the basement so I can get another module up, but that hasn't happened yet either....

Kennedy (2004istheyear, MI)

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Kennedy (no longer not on The Haggis!)

PK>I declared 2004 "The Year of the Layout!"

PK>(Think this will actually get something done on it?)

PK> Paul - "The CB&Q Guy" PK>- Happy New Year, all! -

Indeed. How fitting. I've been at mine 2 years and progress is spotty. I take spells where I get a lot done then progress stops. I need to get my butt in gear and get cracking on the scenery. I've been building a foam mountain range for 3 months. ...


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Jeff Binkley

Happy New Year to all!

I'm trying to convince my wife (and myself) that a home addition is in order. It would free up some space and thus make more room for toy trains. :-)

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