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I appreciate this is not a post about model engineering but ...

The Bowden cable that links my car window to the "capstan" motor has corroded and snapped. Renault want around £200 for the motor + pulleys + wire assembly. My internet searching has found very little - either r/c model control cable then a jump in size to m/cycle and trailer brakes cable. I'm looking for a very flexible cable around 1.55mm (close to 1/16"?). Cycle brake cable is slightly thicker but is much stiffer.

What trades still use Bowden cable? I've seen it used to suspend shop display shelves and fishing traces. And really pushing my luck can solder nipples still be found (would araldite with choc block electrical connector be a suitable substitute)

Thanks and sorry for the O/T subject of the posting

Peter K

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You may be in the range for motorcycle throttle cables rather than brake cables.

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

...and the best of British luck, first fit the new cable and second get it to work properly!

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You mean like the inner cable of the 3rd item on this page for £1.05?

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Dave Baker

Good suggestion, also try bicycle Derraileur gear cable. (had to look up the spelling!). Also try ebay for the complete unit, you may find someone doing a "DIY breaking job".

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Speedy Cables - formerly of North London now moved out of town used to have a selection of sizes.

Google should find them.


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Peter did say ....

Just one point about the cycle cables. Some inners are Teflon coated, and this needs to be removed (difficult) to make a satisfactory soldered joint.

Try a gear-change cable rather than a brake cable. I found a repair kit in Halfords a few months back. They are thinner.


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Mike Whittome

You could try looking at cycle gear cables (including tandems) to see if one of those would help.

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Neil Ellwood

Sturmey Archer gear cable is still readily available and solder nipples are easy to make. If you require a longer cable google for tandem spares.

If it was me I would be looking at the local scrappy for a complete assembly - got one for the Toyota for £20 including post.

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Sandy Morton

On or around Sun, 6 Apr 2008 19:30:07 +0100, "PeterK" enlightened us thusly:

Try derailleur gear inner wire.

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Austin Shackles

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