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I'm rearranging my garage and so need to get rid of some stuff:
Fabco Star bench mount pillar drill. Looks about 40 years old, well
used - missing the table, but has a compound vice mounted on the base.
Single phase. Substantial drill complete and working. £20
Oxy-Acetylene guages, welding torch and small O2 bottle. I bought these
new in 1992 and they've not seen much use. £40 for the lot
Conduit tube bender with 20mm and 30mm tube forming wheels. Floor
standing, substantial bending machine. £20
I can email pictures of the above. Buy collects from Manchester M20
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Lee Griffiths
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Can anyone advise me how to lay my hands on about 12 inches of 5/16in diameter bright steel or stainless rod? I live near Edinburgh so a steer to a likely source would be very helpful.
Alistair Wright Melrose
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Alistair Wright
The message from "Alistair Wright" contains these words:
Alistair, I have used the The Metal-centre, South Fort Street, Edinburgh 0845 073 5111 Web
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They were quite happy to sell small quantities. It may be cheaper to get it by post though, if you have to make a special journey from Melrose. Bill Lamond Edinburgh
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You can also get 5/16" silver steel in 13" lengths from J&L by post
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£2.44 for the material, no idea what postage cost would be.
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Peter Neill
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or even
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Cheap enough.
-- Peter Fairbrother
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Peter Fairbrother

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