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Hi All
I have a Boxford model B (rear motor) which has two belts - a
conventional one to the countershaft and a link belt from the
countershaft to the headstock. Both are tensioned by an overcentre type
lever. The belt wasn't new when I got the lathe and hasn't been
If I leave the belts tensioned the link belt stretches and has to be
tightened before I can use the lathe. So far I've removed 4 links.
Is this normal? Is the belt knackered?
I'd welcome any advice.
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Hi, can't advise on the long term but this used to happen when I had a link belt on my S7 for a while. I just took the pragmatic route and released the tension when I left the lathe. The link belt on my Boxford (underdrive) hasn't given the problem in two years or so, perhaps they settle after a while.
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Check your email.
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Chris Edwards
The link belts do stretch and settle in for a while after installation. Eventually they stop stretching and settling into the pulleys and the pins reach their final orientations, but it can take a few hours or operation. If the belt is loose enough to take a link out of, then take the link out. Eventually it'll settle down.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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