Cincinnati Hydrashift lathe hydraulic shifter

I recently picked up a Cincinnati 12.5" hydrashift lathe. I'm
upgrading from years of use with belt driven lathes to a gear driven
lathe. I have yet to hook it up because it has a 5hp motor in it and
I need to get it powered up. However, I have a question on the
hydraulic shifter.
The owner's manual shows the hydraulic pump runs of the main motor
pulley. The gears are shifted when the motor is running and the
lathe is in idle. The speed change dial is directly coupled to a
rotary spool valve which directs hydraulic pressure to the different
"pistons" that contain forks/arms that shift the gearing of the lathe.
There is a youtube video which can be seen here:
formatting link

My lathe seems to have been modified with a 5hp motor with shafts on
both ends, one drives the headstock and the other has a hydraulic pump
mounted to it. This is basically the same as the original version.
My question is this, what happens when I run the motor/headstock in
reverse? Does the lathe not shift gears? I do not see any type of
directional valve for the hydraulics in the reverse lever. Is anyone
familiar with this lathe or have something similar?
Aloha, Russell
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