hydraulic motors vs PTO

A friend has a shiny new Kubota 4400 tractor, and we were
planning to get a 3-ph PTO generator for it.
But reading further, the Kubota PTO itself is just a hydraulic
motor. [So are the drive wheels, for that matter.]
So I am thinking a better scheme is generic generator, driven by
a hydraulic motor with quick connects. That way, you just pull
up and pop in the lines. Besides not having a driveshaft in the
open; the plus is we could drive it off other hydraulic sources
he has. These include a Fiat-Allis bulldozer, and similar toys.
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David Lesher
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Hydraulic motors are expensive, PTO components are cheap. If you want to go the hydraulic route, get one suitably sized hydraulic motor with PTO shaft output, and use that to drive multiple PTO type accessories. Such motors are available from SurplusCenter and other places.
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Pete C.
But that defeats the purpose. A PTO driven generator needs a gearbox to go 540->1800 RPM, and that's $$. But looking at SurplusCenter gives me the feeling that my idea won't fly. Too bad; it would have been nice to be able to run it from the dozer as well.
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David Lesher

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