PTO wood chipper plans

Has anyone here ever built a PTO powered wood chipper. I have a 60hp tractor
and a friend that can turn up to 48" diameter on a lathe. What would be a
good scrap item to keep an eye out for to make the chipper flywheel. Maybe
an old train wheel? Are there any plans that can be purchased? Thanks for
any tips or ideas.
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Its off topic, but from the safety perspective it's related..... a commercial chipper being used to chip branches from clearing for roadworks in south west australia self destructed. The fly wheel (just over a metre in diameter from memory) killed a guy in an adjacent bulldozer and then wrote off a couple of cars on the highway several hundred metres away. Sliced open the side of a van like a can opener.
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the metal PTO wheel off of a square hay bailer would work nice.
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something like the one on this page
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Be very careful, many flywheels are cast and are not suitable for a chipper. Find an old sawmill chipper and modify it.
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