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I have an old pto tiller from a Ford LGT tractor, and I want to perhaps adapt it for use on my Kubota, but not sure what the shaft speed was on the Ford......pretty sure it was much faster than the 550 and 800 rpms that are available on the Kubota...

If anyone knows offhand or has one that runs off 550 and or 880 rpms and could perhaps check it and let me know what the usual reduction ratio from the shaft on out to the tines would be for your typical pto drive tiller it would be greatly appreciated.


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The standard PTO shaft speeds for tractors are 540 and 1000rpm (with 1000 being for relatively modern tractors), so I'd guess the tiller should work off 540rpm.

I thought the kubota 880 speed was mainly for the kubota mower?

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Moray Cuthill

I have a Howard Rotovator. "Select a Tilth." It has three different geat ratios between the PTO and tines. I owe you a favor, but don't have time today. If you'd like, I'll mount it on the tractor and measure the ratios for you. Email me I assume you want turns of shaft to turns of times.

I've only seen two speeds on tractor PTOs; 540 and 1000. Easily identified by the spline type. You must have an unusual tractor indeed to offer something different. (My JD5310 has an economy overdrive on the PTO)

How many horses does your Kubota have? You need a MINIMUM of one PTO horse per inch of tiller width. These things are Hp. hogs.


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Karl Townsend

the two standard PTO speeds are 540 and 1000 ( actually 1080, I think). The splines are different so you can't interchange them. I would suspect that your tiller is meant to run at 540. If your tiller will connect to your tractor you are probably OK.

You might check with your Kubota dealer just to make sure that your tractor isn't some odd-ball.

Richard > I have an old pto tiller from a Ford LGT tractor, and I want to perhaps

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Richard Smith

For what it's worth, the tiller on my Kubota runs at 550 rpm


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The Bald Ass Prairie Farm

"The Bald Ass Prairie Farm>"

Doesn't really much mater, you won't normally run your tractor through the dirt at maximum rpm anyway, so the engine speed at maximum 550 pto rpm rather than 540 rpm will only be about 40 rpm more. Most of the time you will be running at a nice conservative rpm to prolong the life of the equipment and tractor.

Hope this helps, Peter

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Bushy Pete

Most farm tractors have two PTO speeds, 540 and 1000 RPM. The 1000 RPM has more splines than the 540 so one can't get them mixed up. Some of the older ones had two PTOs. Others have PTO shafts that are reversible. The PTO speed is right on the big tractors if the implement driveshaft fits the tractor PTO. Maybe the same is true on garden tractors.


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Dean Hoffman

I've seen this rule of thumb before, still don't understand it, though it probably depends on the soil. Maybe if you are tilling concrete...

I have no trouble at all tilling at max depth using my Woods 52" tiller and Kubota B2400, 18 PTO hp.

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Larry Kraus

I wonder too! I few walk behind tillers with 15 - 20 HP!! Greg

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Greg O

My old Kubota has selectable speeds on the PTO lever. 24 hp runs just great for a 48" tiller at either speed. The high speed tends to throw soil out so ridges are built up if I am not careful. This is all on sandy, volcanic soil.


Dean Hoffman wrote:

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Thanks, Karl--that is exactly the ratio Im looking for--though I wouldnt think you'd need to hitch it up to check.

Its a 35 HP, IIRC....older Kubota, 1978 vintage or so....model #L235--imagine it should do the trick then.

The Ford was only a 12 hp garden tractor....the tiller is only about 24in wide, and indeed it was seriously underpowered.


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You would be correct. If it is off of a LGT it would have been a 2000 RPM PTO. Same as most Garden tractors of that size. That is the same speed as the Cub Cadet Super Garden tractors, The John Deere 400-500 series, The Toro and Simplicities that had rear PTO were the same. Very few current garden tractors have a rear PTO , although it is an option on some. On the ones that it is available on it is still 2000 rpm.

Current "Compact Tractor" and Farm tractor PTO speeds are 540, 1000.

540 rpm on most everything from a Farmall Regular to a Cat Challenger. 540 uses a 1 1/8" (until about 1954) or 1 3/8" with a 6 or 21 splined drive. 1000 rpm is the modern full sized tractor/implement speed with a 6 or 21 spline drive. The others are model/brand specific. Your 800 rpm is Kubota/Zen-Noh speed for the mid or rear mount finish mower. Mitsubishi/Cub Cadet/Case, have 1000 rpm mid for the belly mower or the rear for a finish mower. Then you have Shibaura/Ford/New Hollands 1200 rpm mid mount PTO. Why 1200? Who knows! But 1000 rpm stuff works fine. Kioti has 540 and 1000 in the back. 2000 rpm in the middle, with a front PTO that is at engine speed.

Standards???? What are those????

Also that tiller is Cat.0 three point.

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Steve W.

Tine rpm should be about 275.

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Andy Asberry

The LGT was a glorified lawn mower, wasn't it?

On most tillers the tines run at around 100 RPM.

Sounds like a hack. Good luck.

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