Toolmakers Microscope

I have just bought myself a toolmakers microscope, and it needs a
small amout of work on it. The round glass section in the middle of
the stage has been lost or broken ad I want to replace it. A quick
glance on ebay revealed an optics supplier who sells replacement glass
for microscopes, but should it be plain glass or diffused. I'm
thiking plain, from other ones I've seen but would like to know for
certain before I order one. it is a Leitz microscope.
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In article , Kevin writes
Well mine (an OMT) has a plain glass insert. It is probably even more indicative that there are two spare inserts, and both of these are clear as well.
For the best image quality in high power light microscopy, it is vital to have a sharp image of the illuminator in the back focal plane (so called "Kohler illumination"). In a fairly undemanding low power use such as a toolmaker's microscope it is probably less important, and I think you could get away quite well with a diffused glass if this happens to be more readily available.
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David Littlewood

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