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I recently got a Mitutoyo toolmakers microscope at a local auction. It's a neat unit, it has an xy table with micrometer heads, and built in lighting both above and below. I looked at a Starrett 6" scale and was impressed with the quality of the engraving. Fun to play with.

After cleaning it up and playing with it for a while, I will likely sell it locally or put it up on ebay. But first I want to fix a problem. There is a circular glass stage, about 1/4" thick x 3" dia., mounted on the xy table. The glass is scratched up from use, and I would like to clean it up a little before putting the unit up for sale. Can someone recommend a place that will polish out these scratches.

I am located in central Arkansas

John Normile

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John Normile
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They're probably pretty deep - your best bet is to simply purchase a replacement round glass blank. I suspect that would be cheaper than trying to grind out the scratches and then re-polish it.

You might even give mitutoyo a call and see if they sell the exact part - otherwise start running a web search on glass suppliers.


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jim rozen

Maybe a jeweler that can polish watch crystals? Especially if they work on old pocket watches. Just a thought.


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Mitutoyo is not an optical company, contact nikon, chances are best they made it. Hang on to your ass when you open the quote. Or find an amateur telescope maker that makes his own flats. It wont be cheap no matter how you go. Might check American Science and Surplus, don't have their url handy, Google it.

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You are wrong about this. Karen (from whose account I'm posting this) works for them. Where she works they make an optical measuring system and they are way into optics there. That company, in Kirkland, Washington, is called Micro Encoder Inc. and they are wholly owned by Mitutoyo for lo these last 10 years now.

Grant Erwin

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Karen Story

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