Unknown model parts and tooling

With a load of bits that I got with my lathe I found these items in a
Three pictures at
formatting link

Anyone know which engine they belong to?
I also have a set of 3 steel pins in a tube marked "Clarkson
Autolock". The tube has three cavities so it is designed for the pins
The pins are .25" diameter x 68mm long with a ground 40 degree
included angle on one end of each.
What are they for?
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Richard Edwards
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If you mean the internal replaceable centre that engages the end of the Milling cutter then NO. They would be short and stubby. I wondered if they were used to pick up centre on a centre pop mark or scribed cross. But why a pack of three?
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Richard Edwards
The cylinder, steam chest and cover look like Stuart (certainly very much like the ones on my S50)
Regards Kevin
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Yep, the S50 looks the one based on the pic on the Stuart site. Any of these bits are available to anyone who needs them, postage only.
Thank you Kevin.
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Richard Edwards

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