Viceroy TDS 5 Lathe

I have been offered a Viceroy TDS5/PL Lathe. 240v. Can anybody tell me
anything about it? Capabilities / limits etc.
More importantly, what is the best/easiest way to shift it?
..........and,how heavy is it?
I have had a look on Lathes UK, but there is little or no mention of
this model.
I only have to move it about half a mile, so that's a bonus. Also it
will spur me on to tidy out the garage.
All info gratefully received, thanks.
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Clive Dive
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it will weigh about 250kg and be 5" centreheight 24" between centres. I think it is a plain turning lathe, so only any use for making very simple objects; no screwturning capability. It will look very much like the viceroy shown on, but without the leadscrew or powerfeed mechanisms.
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