X1 mini mill belt conversion kit ?

Hi all.
Does anyone know of belt conversion kits for the X1 style of Mini-
mill, as sold by ArcEuro and (many) others ?
Only 'potential' hit I've come up with so far has been one from "tj-
cnc.com" but they seem to have vanished off the face of the earth. X2
kits seem rather more common.
Alternatively, plans/drawings for a kit would do too....
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Dig up a Gates distributor and see if you can find their catalog online. You should have little trouble figuring out which pulleys and belt will suit the center distance and ratio required.
Then you will have to find someone that sells the parts to sell them to you, without an obscene markup. That'll be the hard part.
Taken a look at minilathe.com in the US? Might be competetive, pricewise, even after the transport and taxes are paid.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
have a look here:
formatting link
ok, and if you drop him an email its possible he's still got the cad files, or can post some dimensions. I uses the 6mm IIRC belting that you join by heating.
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dave sanderson

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