Warco Formit / 3in1 Metal Formers

Are the Warco Formits any good?

I'm needing a set of slip rolls at least 22" wide to make up an exhaust, and the Formit is looking very tempting to save the hassle of building a set from scratch.

However, I'm looking at using 0.6mm or 0.8mm stainless for the exhaust, so I'm not sure if the Formit will be up to the job (it's rated at 1mm in mild steel). Does anybody know if the Formit will do the job, or should I just bite the bullet and build a set?

Or alternatively, if anybody knows where there's any suitable slip rolls in the east-central scotland region....

thanks moray

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Moray,stainless takes about 40% more power to work than mild steel so your Warco may just manage 0.6 thick stainless.OTOH most of these things are very optimistically rated.I`m in east central scotland and one of the few machines I don`t have is a set of rolls.I`ve had them in the past and sold them as they never got used.Last rolling job I did I got Blakes in Bowling Green St in Edinburgh to roll and tack weld them for me.That was 2mm st/steel and they made a good job of it. There were a couple of sheetmetal firms about Leith who used to do odd things like that for me as well. Mark.

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Can't find any listing for Blakes anywhere. The biggest issue is the exhaust isn't round. It's more an oval with about a

2:1 height:width aspect, so there may well be some trial and error involved. Then there's the issue of getting 5 holes cut in it. Putting some money into getting it done won't be too big an issue though, as a new one is into 4 figure territory!

At the moment though, it's not high on the todo list, as a recent run-in with Her Majesties Finest and VOSA is slightly more urgent.

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