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I needed to cut some trunnion blocks, clutch operating shoes, whatever, out of a 5/8" thick ring of bronze that I'd turned up. How to do it? Hacksaw would have been tedious, the Chinese 4 x 6 metal bandsaw was broken and less than ideal for bronze anyway. What about the wood bandsaw? A little Inca with a fairly coarse (skip tooth) wood blade, my gut feeling was that the speed wouldn't be far wrong but would the blade survive? Answer yes, it worked a treat. A fair bit of pressure needed before it would cut, but then cutting was quite quick and I reckon the blade is still fit to cut wood. A bit of dressing up on the belt sander, just need to drill the holes fot the pins now. You probably all knew it would work, I didn't

Cheers Tim

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Gut feelings based on experience tend to be better indications than the printed word, but there are always exceptions! :-))


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Arn't the exeptions whare you get the experiance ? :-)

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