Biodegradable polymers and natural fiber


I'm a 4th year student in Materials Engineering and doing thesis on biodegradable polymers. What i would like to know are:-

1) Can you gave me a few list of biodegradable polymers that i can used as a matrix that will reinforced with natural fibre. (The common one)

2) If i want to reinforce with natural fibre, do i have to use additional agent to enhance the bonding?

3) What method that is always used to reinforced natural fibre and biodegradable polymers?

Your co-operation is very mush appreciated. Thank you.

p/s: you can e-mail me at buttercup

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Farah Hyeranie
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Dear Farah, consider the following options: commercially available bioplastics or labmade? Commercially available are divided in starch and polyesters (mainly). Look at

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for a nice overview. Starch based materials have a better bonding with cellulose than biopolyesters. You can order some at from my company (Rodenburg Biopolymers). The commonly applied method is via thermoplastic processing like extrusion, kneading etc. Have you considered developing a thermoset material that is biodegradable? I think that that would be very original. Where do you come from? If you want you can over and talk in more detail with me. Remy Jongboom

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