sylgard 184

so im making molds of pdms. and on to these molds, using more of the pdms, adding a thin layer, im adhering glass slides to these molds.

the problem arises is when after its done curing in an oven ( 60 C) i find bubbles, like air pockets between the pdms and glass slides.

i try to put it through a vacuum dessecator, like i do with the molds, before i cure them. after the vacuum, its straight to the oven. i ve had varying results, a little success.

does any one know what i am doing wrong, or what i could do to prevent this. thanks.

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Are you using the sylgard as the adhesive? And what are pdms? Sorry, I'm not a scientist so the term is not familiar.

I assume there are no bubbles before the curing?

Have you tried it without the vacuum? Vacuum is not very effective in a closed situation like you discribe. Also, any trapped gas will expand during the heat cycle and be more visible. You could let one cure or a t least gel at room temperature to see there is any difference.

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Billy Hiebert

How large are the molds? Can the cure be done in a vacuum oven heated to 60 C?

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