Tensile strength of Polymer composite

Literature says that Tensile Strength of 30% glass fiber filled PP is
around 52 MPa. Now I suppose that some ASTM procedure is followed to
measure the Tensile strength. But the ASTM procedure does not tells us
what is the length of the glass fiber in the polymer matrix. The
reason why I am asking this is because the tensile strength of the
polymer composite is directly related to the length of the fiber.
Where can I know what is the length of the glass fibers being used?
( Besides I have seen different values of tensile strength of 30%
glass fiber filled PP in different literature sources. Does that
suggest that the fiber length are different in the different sources)
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You don't need to know glass fiber length of GR PP for testing tensile strength (TS), because your tensile test takes care of this ...
Typically the original glass fiber length is 3mm, but by the time GR PP is compounded and molded it has been broken down to about 0,1-0,2mm, depending on compounding and molding conditions. Apart from glass fiber length, glass fiber sizing (i.e. coating for glass-polymer adhesion) is important as well.
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Rolf Wissmann
The original literature should cite their reference or be contacted so that you can find out the length of the fibers. Yes, the length does have a very big impact on the properties of the composite. Additionally, the orientation of the fibers can have an impact.
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John Spevacek

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