100+million now cannot see your ads!

We have launched Hover-iT Lite and will launch Hover-iT Pro later on this month and we are looking for affiliate partners to resell these programs to their list of clients or to promote as part of their range of affiliate programs.

Hover ads are the next generation in Banner and Pop up advertising as they can be designed to be very appealing and attention grabbing but also not intrusive.

Check out some of the features

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masters or any one who has a web site can insert any HTML, Flash, Java, Form ect documents they want and blend it in with the page.

Effects to choose from are "Fade" "Drop Down" "Scroll Down" "Scroll out" "Wiggle" etc.

Unlike Pop ups hover ads CANNOT be blocked UNLESS a user chooses to do so. Pop up blockers CANNOT block hover ads.

***They are ideal for quick product offers and reminders for: Opt in Forms, Free gifts, Timed promotions, Booking events notifications, Alerts on updates, Special offers, Receive e-mail addresses ( special inbuilt form) And can be triggered to appear anywhere on the page and at any time.***

We are offering up to 60% on the PRO version when it is released in the meantime you can check out the Lite version at

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Tony Saffioti

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