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Ya know I was thinking of letting this one go, but nope, I must comment
as this topic has been discussed on this group and on other forums,
even non-rocketry forums.
Please visit this link, then come back and read on:
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(incase the article gets pulled, I will copy it here)
Sep 19, 8:18 PM (ET)
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Marine explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau said Tuesday
that while he mourns the recent death of "The Crocodile Hunter," Steve
Irwin, he disagrees with Irwin's hands-on approach to nature
While promoting his new two-part TV special, "Jean-Michel Cousteau:
Ocean Adventures - America's Underwater Treasures," Cousteau called
Irwin's death "very, very unfortunate."
He had "a lot of respect" for Irwin, who he didn't know personally, and
his "environmental message," Cousteau said.
But, he added, Irwin would "interfere with nature, jump on animals,
grab them, hold them, and have this very, very spectacular, dramatic
way of presenting things. Of course, it goes very well on television.
It sells, it appeals to a lot people, but I think it's very misleading.
You don't touch nature, you just look at it. And that's why I'm still
alive. I've been diving over 61 years - a lot many more years that he's
been alive - and I don't mess with nature."
Irwin died Sept. 4 when a stingray's barb pieced his chest while he was
filming an underwater sequence at the Great Barrier Reef. Irwin was 44.
44 is too young for ANYONE to die, but in my honest opinion, Steve
Irwin had beat the odds too many times. I was personally TURNED OFF by
his "Jerry Springer" style approach to nature programs. How the *#$^
is jumping on the back of a Croc TEACHING anything to anyone. How
about I walk up behind you and jump on your back! WOW we just learned
that you don't like people jumping on your back!
And I just wonder how many animals have been tortured and killed
because kids and some adults see Steve Irwin BOTHERING, molesting, and
handling creatures? How many dogs (puppys) had their backs broken when
little jr. who after watching Steve *BLIMEY* on top off that Croc!
What I saw him do to animals would have some people jailed in this
country or even killed! Some animals/owners fight back, and they fight
back with deadly consequences!
Some of you are old enough to remember Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom;
came on TV right after the Walt Disney show. Now I learned a lot about
nature, and their habitats, but not once did I see animals being jumped
on, harrassed, or instigated into some 'RATINGS earning' reaction! I
have watch scores of hours of Marty Stauffer's, 'Wild America' and seen
some beautiful and educational video... never did I see an animal
jumped on, or babies dangled in front of hungry wolves or bears; I must
have missed that while making a sandwhich!
Nature on PBS; yes there are actually good shows on PBS!
Then comes along the 'Crochunter'. Well the name doesn't lend itself
to conservation, instead it says, 'wallets, purses, belts, ect.'.
Now I know, I am a REALLY REALLY REALLY a bad uncaring person for being
critical and judgemental (we now live in a 'moral relativity' based
society). He is dead, so why am I being so critical. His wife, his
kids, ... common have a heart! Well I do have a heart, and that is why
I am being critical and judgemental. I have a heart for all the
wildlife that this guy harrassed and stressed just so he could make a
name and a tv show for himself. I have a heart for all the animals who
will suffer because a human will emulate what Steve did. What a very
negative example to set for human interaction with nature.
I love nature so much, that I LEAVE IT ALONE! I don't visit zoos, as I
would NEVER want to be caged. A lot of animals don't breed well in
zoos because they are stressed. The environment is faux and they
realize this; they miscarry.
So at least 2, 3 if you count the other guy who was BLACK LISTED over
on TRF for even SLIGHTLY critisizing Irwin (someone please get that
gentlman this posting, because I believed and agreed with him 100%!),
2-3 realize that Steve Irwin was an IDIOT in his approach to nature
shows. Steve Irwin was not the 'knight in shining armor' as so many
people have been BRAINWASHED into believing! Steve Irwin's LUCK ran
out at the age of 44. Well now some animal that he might have
harrassed on some future date, will live a few hours, days, weeks,
months, years longer because they weren't stressed by Irwin and taken
out of their daily toil to survive. It means that energy that they
would have expelled/wasted dealing with Steve Irwin, will now be used
to avoid an attack and escape, or to lung just fast enough to snag a
meal to survive until the next day.
We as Human Ape hominids might be morning the death of Steve Irwin, but
I bet the rest of the animal kingdom isn't!
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You have to understand that some people who also happen to be moderators on TRF get their daily power trip by over-moderating or banning someone from the kiddie board.
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Darrell D. Mobley
Agreed 100%!! I had myself removed from TRF because I was disgusted with a few people and mod behavior over there. They can keep their little 'moderated' shitbox. I don't need it.
Joe Michel
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J.A. Michel
Agreed. I only watched the show occasionally, because his "in-your-face" technique made me wince. You can't learn anything about an animal, its behavior, or environment while you have a rope around its snout. My constant thought was, this guy is going to get himself killed trying to give us shudders about how "dangerous" these animals are.
I'm told the actual incident was filmed. I'd love to see that, or at least a diagram of what really happened. Several friends who are accomplished divers tell me a stingray will use its barb only in a last-ditch effort to survive: "You'd have to hold one down and beat it with a rock to get it to sting you."
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Scott Schuckert
Are you kidding? Anaconda wrestling? Jousting with rhinos in Land Cruisers?
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While it is a shame that this person or any of the 276 people murdered in Philly this year have died prematurely, can you please point out the relation of this to rocketry?
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Philip Stein
You mean there are non kids there?
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Philip Stein
Not so fast there, Phil. He does mention "Wild Kingdom", and in one episode Marlin used rocket launched nets to capture flocks of some wild bird. So there is tie-in, albeit a tenuous one. At best.
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Thanks now I know.
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Philip Stein
I goto TRF to read but not post. First off, they would ban me by my second posting, which PROBABLY would be a good thing for all concerned. Second, there is SOME useful content from TRF. Its actually the best overall 'spectrum' content (low power - amateur) on the web. Yes there are the SPECIAL people on the site who can do no wrong, but overall, I feel its an even keel across all the forums. Yes they are strict, but then do you REALLY want TRF turning into RMR? I mean for decades Jerry Irvine destroyed rmr to the point where it doesn't matter anymore. I just occassionally stop here to sling the mud or see it being slung by others. If I want HPR or Amateur information, I visit your site or TRF. If I want to know about old LPR kits, I visit the oldrockets forum on yahoo. If I want to buy rocket related items, its ebay, or TRF for sale section.
I do howsoever agree that TRF had NO valid reason to delete the postings of ASRocketman. He had a very valid point and it was made in the 'coffee house' section. God knows that 80% of the postings in that section are just WASTED bandwidth, so why was his postings deleted and why was he threatened with banishment?
Bah its all BS. Just like that white liberal female that O'Reily had on his show yesturday from Boston. OMG, was she a socialist anti-American retard... but that is another story, and not germane to this group ;)
Darrell D. Mobley wrote:
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P.s. When dealing with Jerry Irvine, it *FEELS* like decades. I know that rmr has only been around a decade and some change :) wrote:
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Its my understanding that it wasn't the poison that killed Irwin, rather it was the loss of blood when he pulled the barb from his heart.
Interesting, I have swam on 4 different occasions with Stingrays down in Costa Rica (yes it gets boring after the 2nd time, but what do you do when cruise ships book the same crap shore excursions... shop?). Never have I had a Stingray attack me. And I have swam right above them and held on trying to mimic Aquaman being pulled by a Stingray! But I feed them first to gain their trust ... then I let them have it!
I have a feeling Irwin was up to his old tricks and aggrivating the Ray into some type of reaction for video. The Ray said, 'No, take this!'.
Well I have to go now, I see a couple of cats in my yard, and I have the net and ductape ready for them! I am going to wrestle them for the school kids!
Scott Schuckert wrote:
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No relationship to rockets whatsoever. But because this newsgroup is so BORING, and Irwin was mention here before ... why not? Do you have ANYTHING interesting to post that we can learn from or have dialog with?
Face it, rec.models.rockets is a dinosaur ready for extinction. The years of Jerry Irvine, politics, personal attacks, lack of moden features that are available with web based discussion groups, has relegated this and tens of thousand of other USENET forums into obsolescence.
So if I come here with a non-rocket posting, yet interesting, don't be so quick to berate it as most of the world has moved on into the 21st century and is posting rocket related postings SOMEWHERE ELSE :)
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These and many others are full or germane rocketry related posts ... thousands of them.
Philip Ste> While it is a shame that this person or any of the 276 people murdered
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I'll see if I can think of something sometime today.
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Philip Stein
Are you sure you're not thinking of Red Buttons catching monkeys with a rocket powered net in the movie Hatari?
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Mario Perdue
Maybe, but does it really matter?
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Probably not, I just didn't remember it from Wild Kingdom. In any event, Marlin would have been far back while poor Jim had to ride the rocket over the tree...
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Mario Perdue
Perhaps you should check your calendar. RMR was created in 1989. Many years ago I dug up the original timestamped proposal from which it began:
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So it's now 17 years old.
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Bob Kaplow
Joe, why don't you tell us how you really feel? ;-)
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Darrell D. Mobley
Technically speaking, though not in actions.
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Darrell D. Mobley

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