Offsite Pro/E Design Services

Here to fill your Pro/E needs. Very affordable rates. Design, drafting,
drawings, assemblies, 2D to 3D coversions, etc. Over 11 years of Pro/E
design/drafting experience in the telecom, aerospace, oil and
gas,industiral furniture and consumer product fields. Currently using
Wildfire 2.0. Feel free to email me anytime for any questions and/or
Neal Milligan
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While that's an amusing point, I prefer that my designers have the professional courtesy to no post commercial ads on a user-support forum.
John Wade wrote:
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Neal Milligan seems to be on friendly terms with the English language. Don't think that's a very solid basis for criticizing him. I just mind incontinent opportunists who just stop here to take a dump. And my invitation remains for them to take their perfectly worded spam elsewhere.
David Janes
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David Janes
It's a valid point and completely within the norms of Usenet that our user-supported forums frown on commercialism. In fact, anyone lurking here for a short time can see that this isn't a marketplace. No one is coming here selling design services or looking for work, because no one is looking here for that kind of help. Users come here looking for help with USING Pro/e, not buying other people's services. And they come to this kind of outfit because the help is free, also not conducisve to selling. So, you've got to wonder what someone is missing who comes here advertising such services for sale. Maybe they don't "get it"? Maybe they're a little slow? Maybe they've got their heads in the clouds? Simply showing up here to advertise seems to me like an admission of some type or degree of incompetence.
But, that's not even my biggest problem with the "advertisers". I don't think I'd mind a bit if they were community spirited, if they were regular participants, if they helped out on occassion, if they made any contribution to the community. For example, if Geesaman came here, after years of service to the Pro/e community, and said that he needed help (with finding work, with finding customers, you name it), lots of people would willingly help in any way they could. On the other hand, Googling 'neal milligan' turns up approximately one message ~ his grand opening announcement. Not much in the way of community participation there, Neal. And pretty much of a thumbing your nose at the community and its lowly, meager efforts since you've just announced that your most professional help is available only on a fee-for-service basis. I guess we're warned not to expect much help from you since it's available only to those willing to pay for it. Thanks, Neal, for the upfront admission of your opportunism, i.e., that you're willing to take the "opportunity" of this group's existence to help yourself and not it. On the other hand, I'd have to eat my words (some of them, anyway, after some months or years) if you suddenly started helping out around here. Nothing stopping you from doing that, Neal. In fact, there's much precedent for it: many users, who were also in business, have been very active in the community, writing articles, participating in local user groups, presenting to PTC/USER annual meetings. My first Pro/e teacher at Elgin Community College, Ken Raczek, ran his own design business while also serving for years as President of the Chicago Pro/e Users' Group. It was a strain on him, but people flocked to him because he was sharp, people knew him and wanted to work with him. It didn't hurt his business a bit that people knew him as a hard working, eager and entusiastic, community spirited guy. You could find much worse to emulate.
David Janes
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David Janes

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