Reverse Concantination Anyone - A.K.A. Long Titleblock Descriptions

What are some of your secrets to getting a huge assembly/part description
into a drawing titleblock?
In Intralink we'd like to have only one attribute for the description. The
whole description. Our drawing has three lines for the description. In
other programs, I have made the three lines combine themselves into a
one-line description attribute.
Is there a simple way to make three attributes concatenate (merge) into one
attribute? Or, is there a way to take a long attribute and split it into
three lines of text, one word wrapped text, or three attributes?
T Bennett
Intralink 3.3
Wildfire 2.0
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T Bennett
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T, we have a relation in all of our parts and assemblies that handle this
Where TITLE, TITLE1, TITLE2 & TITLE3 are separate parameters
Then in the Title block of your formats it setup like this
This way if Title1 is filled out and Title2 & 3 are left empty yo
will get a 1 line title. If Title1 & 2 are filled out you'll ge a 2 line title and etc for if all 3 title parameters are filled out
Hope this helps, Glenn |B
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