How to create a circular pattern

I'm trying to model a conical hexagon and I encountered some problems that I need help.

I created a round truncated cone, then I put an extruded cut that I need to copy 6 times around this cone. I think I need to create an angular datum "on the fly", but I don't know how.

Can someone help me?

I'm running Version 2001

Thank you for your help.

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Might be simpler if you did a blend cut, from one hex to a smaller/larger one.

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David Janes

Yep, a blended cut would work, and so would a protruded blend.

Yet another way would be to add draft to a cylindrical hex shape; as long as one doesn't exceed the 15 degree limit.

BTW, with the original approach of extruded cuts, you don't need to start with a cone. For example, a round cylinder would work just as well.

-Dave Adams-

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Dave Adams

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