How to create a <name>.ibl file

Hi folks, i am still trying to create an axial fan blade with the blend function. I already have created a *.sec file but this is not able to be used in the blend function. I need to have an *.ibl file. But how do i get such a file ?? Can anybode give me a hint ?

Thanks in advance.

Haiko Adolf

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Haiko Adolf
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Hi Haiko,

a *.ibl file is just a text file that contains points in x y z coordinates (separated by space or tab). Refer to the manuals to see the structure. Or create some datum points and export them - then you also'll see the structure.

But why would you need that? Instead of creating a blend, why don't you model your blade with surfaces first. You have the sec-file for different radii. Connect those splines with a surface, close top and bottom and then create a surface with #use quilt. Worked for us.


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