How to create partial sections

I have a two questions about sections:
1. I'd like to create a section in an assembly that only sections
certain parts. For example, a section that cuts an external housing
and reveals the complete internal mechanisms.
2. I'd also like to create a section that takes a pie shaped cut out
of an assembly. Using a pie as an example, if you section it using
two perpedicular planes (x and y) you would end up with only 1/4 of
the pie. I want to end up with 3/4 of the pie.
Can either of these be easily done in Solidworks without actually
cutting the parts indivudally. I hope I explained that well enough.
If not please let me know and I'll try again.
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Adam Meyer
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To section certain parts, add those parts to the Feature Scope. To do the pie shaped section, make your cutting sketch be pie shaped and apply the feature scope accordingly..
I'm assuming these questions are not related to a drawing, therefore these cuts are done in the assy, not the parts.
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Wayne Tiffany
Use an assembly cut. sketch on a plane perpendicular to your two cut planes a box that is coincident to the two cut planes and the other side of the box should encompass the area you want removed. Insert an assembly cut. this will cut through every part that is currently in the assembly. You can later add and remove parts from the scope of the cut. this way you can skip over parts that you don't want cut.
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Corey Scheich
Thanks guys, that worked perfectly!
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Adam Meyer

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