how to create a phone cable

hai every one,
i want how to create a phone cable using of helical sweep
in pro-e.
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There are many ways to do this, which I'm sure the informative people in this group will inform you about. However, if I wanted to make a spiraling phone cord with arbitrary profile/trajectory I would do it in 3 features.
1. Create the base trajectory that the cord will follow. This can be a simple 2D spline or you can get creative by projecting a 2D sketch onto an arbitrary curved surface.
2. Create a Variable Section Sweep (VSS) that uses the previous trajectory to create a spiraling surface. The profile sketch will be a simple line that starts at the trajectory center and extends out at an angle. The lengh of this line will be the radius of the spirals in the cord. Use relations to drive the line angle with the trajpar parameter. For example:
sd1 = 45 + trajpar*360*10
Trajpar = 0 to 1 as the sweep progresses along its trajectory 10 = number of complete turns 360 degrees per complete turn 45 is there because ProE doesn't like starting at 0 degrees
3. Create another VSS that uses the edge of the surfaces created in the last step as the trajectory. The profile sketch can be whatever you want, but a simple circle centered on the trajectory should be fine.
Voila! You've got a phone cord. If your needs are simpler you could make a straight spiraled cord using the Helical Sweep function. Also, if you don't mind your cord not having a perfectly circular cross-section, you could omit one of the VSS's (feature 2) and just spiral a circular profile around the trajectory curve using trajpar and relations. Hope this helps.
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thank u for ur sugessions. definetly i will go through and i will contact u if i have any further doubt's.
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