Slow retrieval of assembly

We have about 8 Pro/E users working from a common network drive. No
Intralink (thank god).
Beginning last week, one user has found that retrieving an assembly or
assembly drawing went from about 30s to over 6 minutes. Nothing has
changed to my knowledge about the workstation or network drive.
Identically configured workstations retrieve the same files over the
network at normal speed. His computer has no other known issues.
I've sort of ruled out network issues since I can browse and 'dir' the
folders in question at normal speed. Our is used by all and
is reasonably well pared. I can't find anything new/relevant on PTC
He's running WF3 build F000. Some of us are running build M030, which
I'll try installing tomorrow, but I'm interested in any ideas where to
look and what to look for.
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If all the other machines pull this file at a decent speed, then odds are network hardware.
Put his machine on a different port on the switch, change his network cable, and, if that doesn't fix it, swap his NIC for another users. Make sure his network properties aren't throttling him to 10 baseT as somethimes people switch their NIC properties by accident.
Make sure his working directory for trail files, swap, etc is on his local machine.
Set 'trail delay' to be 300 seconds in
How full is his local drive? if it's more than 75% is put in a bigger one. Otherwise defrag it.
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John Wade
Thanks for the ideas John. This is definitely specific to his machine - my workstation (identical in most ways) took 30s to pull an assembly that took 6-1/2 min on his. I'll try retrieval on his workstation from other computers on the network too - that should rule out most hardware problems since we're on a switched LAN.
He defragged the driver over lunch; it's below 50% capacity. I'll also clear out his trail files - I suspect he may have half a billion of them.
I did have a little bit of time to check his network performance outside of Pro/E, and it seemed to be 100% fine. But I will take damaged hardware into account, but it seems odd that it would manifest so intensely in one area (Pro/E retrieval) and not apparent in any other way.
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Okay, well, if you can copy / paste big files to & from your server at the same sort of speed from this box as the others, then I guess that validates your network. Could be worth comparing his config .pro with yours & make sure his working directory isn't on the server?
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John Wade's are identical. We did a big file copy off the network drive (as prep to run the model locally for comparison) and the network utilization stayed at/above 10%.
I did the troubleshooter's cardinal sin and changed two things at once - I moved some old trail files (he had trail.txt.560 to trail.txt.1500 in his startup directory on his hard drive, and a total of 2000 files in that folder) and install WF3 build M030. Then things were back to normal.
Due to the fact that build F000 was working nice and fast until last week, I suspect it was the raw number of files on that local folder causing the problem and the build update had no effect. I don't think it matters anymore which one was causing the problem in any case.
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Oh, and thanks for your help. I find it immensely helpful to have another brain storming so as not to miss any big questions before the troubleshooting gets detailed.
John Wade wrote:
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