Windows Vista 32 and WF3

Hello all,
what is the best version of WF3 for Vista32? M140 is the newest at the PTC's
How about the size of pagefile. I have 3 Gt system memory.
Is the WF4 ready for real jobs?
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Hardly matters in most cases. I'd set it at 2GB and forget it. I don't even think Windows can use more than 1GB if you have 3GB of physical memory.
No. It crashes consistently with existing models for no good reason. I'm waiting on a build newer than M010 but so far no dice.
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David Geesaman
Yeah, I think that's true when you don't have the /3G switch set. Even so, I'm not sure what good swap space is going to do. Isn't it an an addressable extension of physical RAM either duplicating memory space in parallel or extending it in serial. In the latter case, it would be most advantageous, with 3G max addressable in 32-bit mode, for computers with 1G of memory. They could load up a 3G swap file, accessing disk space as if it were memory. I really don't even get how it would work if you had 3G of memory and a 3G swap file much less how it could possibly benefit a memory hog like Pro/e. I think I've heard of swap files benefitting Mechanica but I'm sure they're its own scratch files which it builds as it's doing its calculations.
David Janes
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