Artificial Intelligence R&D Startup looking for Programmers and AI Psychologist.

Artificial Intelligence R&D Startup looking for Programmers and AI Psychologist. AdaptiveAI is a private R&D startup developing a ground breaking general artificial intelligence engine. We are seeking 2-3 additional team members with a passionate interest in AI, brain function and theories of cognition. Two types of positions are available, programming and experimental AI behavioral scientist/trainer. Past experience in AI is not necessary. Applicants that can contribute to the cognitive design process will be favored, but you must be able to work within our established paradigm. Candidates must be capable-eager learners, motivated and patient, computer savvy, hard working, good problem solvers and logical thinkers. Knowledge of C#, experimental psychology, test design, neural networks, statistics and scientific method are all pluses.

Compensation is primarily in the form of stock with only subsistence level pay. Positions are fulltime but with flexible hours. Work environment is friendly, informal, and intellectually rich. We are based in the LA area and require attendance at weekly brainstorming sessions.

For more information please check out our website:

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For serious inquiries about the job please contact: Peter Voss ( and Michael Michalchik (

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Where in LA?

Los Angeles is an awfully big place.

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It's even bigger to an ant. But they have their own lane on the Golden State Freeway.

Their site says Marina del Rey. That's about a two hour commute for you from 999 Oaks...

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