Building a budget robot

I´m building a robot, but I don´t have much money to spend.

So I use the main board of a Sinclair Spectrum from the flea market + some other parts got for free or bought for cent-prices.

I think it´s possible to teach this thing a lot of things,although it´s not high tech.But these old parts are simple and easier to understand than PC parts.

I´m planning to make it a little battle robot, that will be able to eliminate rats with electric power.

For my next robot I got some old AMIGAs and ATARI STs for free, which should certainly be good as mainboards for better robot systems.

So searching flea-markets or looking for things people throw away can be a good idea for moneyless guys like me.

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Charles Immey
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excellent point.

Please keep us informed of your progress.

Greg >I´m building a robot, but I don´t have much money to spend.

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Greg Teets

Hey Charles

When it is done send the group a link to some pictures, or better yet progress pictures.


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