Comau smart S2

So ... somehow, I have managed to get my paws on a Comau Smart S2 with a
C3G Plus controller. Nice unused 6 axis bot.
But, having been switched off for 2 years, the internal RAMDISK has
forgotten everyting it ever knew ... no problem, a simple serial lead and
kermit will load it back up from the set of floppies found in the service
manual ... except, well, you know how crap floppies are ? Not one of them
is fully readable.
The OS diskette wont play at all, the EZ_PDL2 diskette has two duff files
and the AW diskette has only on file I can see and thats corrupted.
I tried talking to the guys at Comau to see if they would email me the
duff files, but they seem to want to send an engineer out and charge me
more money than I have right now for a task I could do myself. And I
really wanted to play with this thing over the Christmas holidays.
So ... last resort, try asking on USENET
If any of you robot guys happens to have diskettes for a Comau SMART S2
and C3G Plus controller, I would be very interested in talking to you
Robin Szemeti
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