Digital frames in RAM to Analog output, Please help !

Hi all !

I have a memory buffer/array in my application (Builder C++) which represents frames of video, every 20 miliseconds I'm refreshing the data in the buffer. I need somehow, to make this digital frames, to come out as an Analog signals out of my PC, I need to send it to another computer (as an analog data) for example by using BNC cable, or just to send it directly into a small black and white CRT screen, to see the frames as a Black/White video.

My buffer use 8 bits for each pixel, and the buffer size is 320 x 240 pixels.

I have no Idea how to do that !

Is there any ready driver/application that I can use? Is it possible to send this frames as an analog output through the "TV-Out" output of my PC graphics card? (for example Geforce card)

Please give any information you can, I really need to find a solution very soon.

Thanks very much!

Best Regards, Tom.

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Tomi B 2008
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Can you draw your buffer on the PC screen?

If you plug the PC into a TV, can you show the screen on the TV?

Could you send the digital data to the other computer and convert it to analog there?

Just some thoughts, Daniel

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D Herring


Don't know, but it's not what I need, I don't want to pass all my desktop, only my

320x240 pixels frame.

No. I must send it analog, the application on the other computer can't read digital video as an input.

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Tomi B 2008

All you need is a dumb VGA card with "TV out". It's getting hard to find those, because they're obsolete, but they're in bargain bins, surplus stores, and on eBay.

John Nagle

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John Nagle

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