3d Mapping with Z-Cam?

It looks like the Sporge attack on this group has ended. Though, I wish I had some sort of explanatino... did the sporger simply go on vacation for a while. Was an effective filter created?

Anyway, I posted the following to Gordon McComb's C.R.M alternative site, and thought I would bring it here to see if it starts some more discussion. To me, this seems to be a "disruptive technology"... meaning it has the potential to make significant changes to the robotics world.

It is the Z-Cam by 3DV Systems. It seems to be a time-of-flight system that generates 1 to 2 cm accuracy of depth measurements over a

1.3 meg pixel display. That is, a depth measurement for EACH PIXEL at 60 fpm. The next part, which is the real ground breaking part, is that they are marketing it as a game controller for the masses priced at uner $100.

Here is a link to their gallery, which shows some movies of it in action.

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Here is where they describe the technology;
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seems to be a system where they emit a very brief pulse of light (from LED's) and capture the image using an extremely fast gated sensor (like a vast electronic shutter).

Joe Dunfee

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It seems to be a system where they emit a very brief pulse of light

Looks like fun. The trick is actually getting your hands on one with enough of software specification/stack to actually use it.


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Wayne C. Gramlich

This would be very cool for the robotics world, at under $100. Kind of short-range SICK laser scanner for the masses.

It appears to work using "time of flight" technology, which has been around for some time. I am currently reading Joe Engelberger's book Robotics in Service from 1989, and they had TOF sensors back then, but very expensive, $100K range.

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