SoftQuadro4 with Nvidia GeForce4 440 Go chipset

I am curious if anyone has successfully installed the SoftQuadro4 patch on a laptop with an Nvidia GeForce4 440 Go chipset?

Cad Guy

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I have and it worked great. Do a Google search for more info... Mike Wilson

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I searched and come up empty.

I have found reams of information, unfortunately, I haven't been able to come up with a working install yet.

The latest version of RivaTuner doens't display the "open patch" icon on the "power user" panel as described in all documentation I've found. Not sure why.

Do you have an all ready patched driver that you could send me? I can provide an FTP address if that would help.



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John Picinich

SoftQuadro4 Patch Instructions...

SEPT 23, 2004

*) Download NVIDIA Drivers version 42.51 from...
formatting link
*) Using WinZip, extract the files to a folder

*) Download RivaTuner (latest version) also from...

formatting link

*) Install RivaTuner and run it to make sure it's installed properly

*) Exit RivaTuner

*) Browse to the RivaTuner installation folder and find the folder called "SoftQuadro4"

NOTE: Here is the default location... C:\Program Files\RivaTuner\PatchScripts\NVIDIA\SoftQuadro4

*) Double-click the file "SoftQuadro4 w2k.rts"

*) Press the 'Continue' button and browse to the folder where you unzipped the 42.51 video drivers

*) Click on the file "nv4_mini.sys" and press 'Continue'

NOTE: If you don't see this file, select the pull-down arrow for "Files of type" and change it to nv4_mini.sy_ (underscore at the end). Press 'Continue'

*) You should now see some text saying it was a success.

That's it!

Now all you have to do is install these new drivers and uninstall RivaTuner (you don't need it anymore).

Save the patched drivers for some future time.

Remember, once you patch the drivers, you don't need to install RivaTuner ever again.

I still do it this way and SolidWorks performs just fine.

Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

You do not need to go thru all that patching nonsense anymore. The latest version of RivaTuner sorts all this out when you turn on the NV Strap Boot time service I've just patched my GEForce4 Ti4200 to a quadro with the new Rivatuner 2.0 RC


My thumbnail proceedure was -

As I was running an older driver (53.03) patched to a Quadro, I first went into the newly installed version of Rivatuner and uninstalled the NVStrap boot time service. Then uninstalled the old driver completely. Rebooted. Loaded new vanilla Forceware driver (6573whql-w2k-xp.exe) After restarting went into Rivatuner and installed the NVStrap, choose Quadro as card. Upon restart again the card is reported as a Quadro 780 XGL

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Neville Williams

I've had nothing but problems using that method. Lot's of crashes and strange video problems.

Are you able to enable "Unified back depth buffering"? This is only setting that you need to run SolidWorks without the slowdown. Since the patched driver accomplishes this, I see no need to have a third party software always running in the background, ready to cause another crash. It's just not worth it.

I see the instructions haven't changed...

Note: NVStrap driver supports all GeForce based boards and it can override PCI DeviceID on the latest NVIDIA boards, but it's NOT ENOUGH to override PCI DeviceID only in order to unlock the professional Quadro features on GeForce4 and newer boards.

The newest NVIDIA graphics processors have HARDWIRED PROTECTION against DeviceID modification, which can be blocked with SOFTQUADRO4 scripts ONLY.

As far as which driver to use...

SoftQuadro4 patch script for the Detonators 27.00 - 42.51 allows you to block the protection against PCI DeviceID modification on NV17/NV18/NV25/NV28 and unlock the most of professional features on these graphics processors.

I've heard of some cards that work without the mods. Maybe there are batches that don't have hardwired protection?


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Mike J. Wilson

Hi Mike, Yes, Enable Unified /Back depth buffering is checked

I don't think he bothers much with updating the info on the site. I think most of these coding guys think "well I've done the hard part, they can figure out the rest"

As far as I can tell everything is working great. Moving up to the newer drivers has definitely made a significant difference in orbit speed esp in shade with edges on. Overall the graphics are good. No crashes yet. Can open up alot of parts with no slow down. I was going to try and get another Quadro on Ebay for this computer (home) but as it seems such a roaring success Iv'e shelved it for now

I try and stick to whql drivers. Some of the others on Unwinders site are a bit suspect as to their provenance.

I have a Leadtek 5900 card here that I tried to hack with the old Rivatuner and it was a failure. the system was reporting it as a quadro but multiple window slow down was bad I might install it and try the hack using new rivatuner

Cheers Neville

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Neville Williams

Thanks for the info Neville. I'm going to experiment a little more with your suggestions when I get some time.


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Mike J. Wilson

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