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Electronic lab gear for sale
ClearView Mathias In-Circuit Emulator
Modular style hardware offers complete emulation of the PICmicro« MCU
including ALL peripherals. Modular design provides easy expandability and upgrades while reducing initial investment costs. ClearView Mathias includes TDE, a complete Debugging & Development Environment.
While debugging, you have full access to all registers, memory spaces and peripherals. You can watch and edit variables by their source-level names or by their file register addresses.
A single click initiates a project build and any compiler errors are displayed in a pop-up window. Clicking on an error takes you to the offending source line for quick corrections. After fixing the error, a single click rebuilds the project, loads the code into the emulator and starts the debugging session.
You can toggle breakpoints by clicking in the left column of a source line or on an address in the CODE window. Everything is designed to be intuitive and productive.
The ClearView Mathias Development System consists of three parts:
The Base unit contains all of the system intelligence, HOST interface, breakpoint control circuitry, execution memory and general ICE control circuitry. The Family module contains the emulated MCU's execution core (12bit or 14bit). The Member module contains the emulated MCU's peripherals and physical I/O connections.
Usually, a new processor can be supported by simply adding a new member module. (see our Module Reference Table )
$1,169 new asking price is $500 Photo's available.
Advanced Transdata Pic Programmer with power supply, software and 28 pin SOIC adapter for Pic5x/xx family. Comes with a 40-pin zero insertion force socket.PGM16N are development programmers for the PIC12/14/16 devices respectively. These pocket-size programmers connect to any PC and communicate via the parallel port. They measure only 4.75ir x 2l7 x 1l7, weigh only 6 ounces and can be conveniently brought on the road to work with notebook computer. The case is made of quality extruded Aluminum. Pictures available along with datasheet.
Blank check, program, verify and read functions Program all available configuration bits Supports binary and hex files output from popular PIC assemblers and compilers Optional surface mount programming adapters with clam shell type sockets
Function Buttons Blank -Check if the different memories and fuse word of the device is blank Read -Read the contents of the selected memories, fuse or ID of the device Program -Program the selected options on memory, fuse and ID to the device Verify -Compare the memory, fuse and ID of device against buffer
Specify device type and configuration settings. Activate the drop list to select from available options for each fuse settings. Fuse bits not available for thedevice will be grayed out. These values will be updated to those of the device in the programmer when a ihReadlm function is issued (when Configuration Fuse under Options is checked).
Options Memory Type-Check the items to be included in the programmer functions. For example, if only inProgram Memoryla is checked when the ihReadla function is activated, only program memory will be read from the device to the memory buffer of the program. : Select optional functions like clear memory when selecting device, default blank check and verify for the Program function.
Device Status-Display the results of the programmer functions. For example, ixPassl, or ixFaill, will be displayed for memory types after Verify functions and a string displayed for Device ID after the Read function.
Configuration Fuse, Checksum and ID-Specify customer ID used for the device. Choose between the checksum or a user-specified value. PGM16 Software. $200 new In mint condition $75.
Logic Analyzer Frame Version 3-2. Config. 1240D1-9CH/10nS acquisition card(4 cards). Acquisition speeds to 100 MHz Async, 50 MHz Sync. Single probe demulti-plexing. dual time base triggering, acquisition & display. with one P6460 Data acquisition probe Good cond $450 obo
Tektronixs 1241 COLOR LOGIC ANALYZER. 9 - 72 CHANNELS. 100 MHZ with one P6460 Data acquisition probe and one P6464 Pattern generator, 1240D9-9Ch/10ns acquisition card
Tek 1241B Logic Analyzer The Tektronix 1241 enables hardware analysis up to 100MHz sample with glitch triggering and autorun mode The 1241 also provides software analysis to 72 channels, 14 levels of triggering and mnemonic disassembly Each mainframe has four card slots which accommodate any combination of 9 channel(1240D1-One card) and 18 channel(1240D2-two cards)) data acquisition cards. Good cond.
$650 obo
Arium ML4400 Logic analyzer
400mhz with 16 channels, at 100 mhz synchronous with 64 channels or at 50 mhz syncronous with 160 channels. Configurable with up to 4 independent clocks, automatic time stamping 5-nsec glitch capture on 8 channels at 100 mhz.
The ML4400 can be configured to operate as 4 independent logic analyzers, with each called a group. Each group has its own screen and settings.
ML4400 triggering capabilities are complex, and include Boolean,multilevel, and repeat functions, plus data qualification. Up to 8 triggers words are available, depending on operating speed and date width.
Main frame 7" mono CRT, serial adn parallel ports an IBM PC style keybaord interface, trigger outputs, Rom emulation software and non volatile memory for storing machine setups.
Comes with LP4050-100mhz pod, LP 8200 200mhz pod, 32I-486 microprocessor pod with target interface adapter and manual. Good condition asking $300 obo
HP 1651A Logic analyzer
32 channels of 25 MHz state or 100 MHz timing Simultaneous state/state, simultaneous state/timing Set up your digitizing oscilloscope or your timing analyzer with push button ease using HP's Auto-Scale Compact: small footprint, fits easily on your bench, within the same field of vision as what you are working on (fc = 500 MHz. 20kHz offset): < -114 dBc/Hz Portable: 22 lbs, built-in handle Supports most popular 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microprocessors Complex state triggering filters out unnecessary data and provides a listing of the crucial data
Good condition no probes (get them on ebay,labx,americantest.com,used-line.com,Inxs inc.)Includes manuals and probe case. $200 obo
B&K 1660 - TRIPLE POWER SUPPLY ▒0-30V 0-2A 4-6.5V 5A exc cond $300 $675 new Digital ready out in great cond
Sensitive Research ESH Electrostatic Voltmeter
# Three Ranges # 0-5 KVFS # 0-7.5 KVFS # 0-30 KVFS
good condition accepting reasonable offers.
For sale in the US only no third party 401 sales.
Photos of units on available and various aspects of units.
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