How to survive a robot uprising

Yesterdays new york times reviewed this book.

February 14, 2006 Scientist at Play | Daniel Wilson If Robots Ever Get Too Smart, He'll Know How to Stop Them By CORNELIA DEAN

In the movie "I, Robot," robots rise up against humanity.

In the classic sci-fi thriller "Blade Runner," a bounty hunter must exterminate intelligent androids that are both deadly and very unhappy with their creators.

Even in 1920, when the playwright Karel Capek gave English speakers the Czech word "robot" (laborer) in his play "R.U.R.," the androids at Rossum's Universal Robots were bent on wiping out the human race.

"If popular culture has taught us anything," Daniel H. Wilson says, "it is that someday mankind must face and destroy the growing robot menace." Luckily, Dr. Wilson is just the guy to help us do it.

In his new book, "How to Survive a Robot Uprising," Dr. Wilson offers detailed =97 and hilariously deadpan =97 advice on evading hostile swarms= of robot insects (don't try to fight =97 "loss of an individual robot is inconsequential to the swarm"); outsmarting your "smart" house (be suspicious if the house suggests you test the microwave by putting your head in it); escaping unmanned ground vehicles (drive in circles =97 they'll have a harder time tracking you); and surviving hand-to-hand combat with a humanoid (smear yourself with mud to disguise your distinctive human thermal signature and go for the "eyes" =97 its cameras).

If all else fails, reasoning with a robot may work, Dr. Wilson says, but emotional appeals will fall on deaf sensors.

Should you prevail, he offers in a grim addendum: "Have no mercy. Your enemy doesn't."

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Bill Cooke
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The US has over 3000 robots in Iraq now. Most are from iRobot, the people who make the Roomba. Some are more powerful, like this one:

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which is equipped with a rocket launcher.

America's army of killer robots is growing rapidly. They're getting smarter, tougher, and better at killing every year.

John Nagle Animats

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John Nagle

Hasn't this exact post AND reply already appeared on this newsgroup? Just curious ...

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Humans have always been fighting for land, they figured out a thing called genocide. Races throughout the world throughout time (including now) have been killed for land.

The next generation always sees how the previous generation conquers the land, and improves on the techniques...

The most recent one I know of, that had the most technolgy available to it, was the "holocaust"

It took many *people*, weapons, and facilities to kill on a large scale to conquer a large part of the world.

Now we've got billions of people, all paying into a system which is building *robots* to kill people.

I hope we don't program human intelligence into these things. It would be a horrible thing as an enemy.

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