IR LED problem

I have been trying to get an IR LED(transmitter) working with my Basic Stamp 2. I have wired it up to the BS2 with a 220ohm resistor between the Cathode and the BS2 pin. I have grounded the Annode. I am using the FREQOUT function (FREQOUT 6, 1, 37500) on the pin with a frequency of 37500 (I have tried multiple frequencies > 37500). The IR LED will just not light up (I have tested with a video camera). I have tried directly wiring the IR LED to

+5v with a 220ohm resistor connected to the Cathode, and Annode to Gnd, but it still wont light up. I have 3 IR LEDs that I have been testing with, so I do not think the LED/s is faulty. The circuit lights up without issue with a standard LED (I have tried multiple 5mm and 3mm LEDs), the IR LED just simply wont light up.

Does anyone have any ideas?

IR LED specs:

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Many thanks.

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Hi Tony,

Try hooking the cathode to ground.


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